Dr. Carreon is the best dentist I’ve ever had at administering shots without pain. Dr. Carreon and her staff are genuinely caring, sincere and really want you (the patient) to be comfortable, pain free and they even have blankets. They work really hard to manage any pain and provide those little extras, which can make a big difference. Dr. Carreon also worked patiently and diligently to resolve an insurance billing issue. The dental hygienist keeps detailed notes on your dental health and follows up on any problems. I have been a patient for 3 years and have experienced that the entire staff works together as a team to the benefit of the patients. The office is very up-to-date and clean. Dr. Carreon takes a preventative and assertive approach towards the long-term health of your teeth and dental health, which I really appreciate and value.

I am very happy with the dental care I’ve received from Dr. LeJon Carreon and her staff.

I value Dr. Carreon’s proactive approach to dentistry and patient care and I have great confidence in Dr. Carreon’s diagnostic skills as well.

Every member of the staff is very attentive to the patient’s needs, and they go out of their way to ensure the procedures are performed as effectively and painlessly as possible.

Dr. Carreon is by far the most skilled at administering injections of any dentist I’ve ever experienced!

I also appreciate their knowledge of and willingness to accommodate our insurance plan coverage.

I have confidently referred a number of people to Dr. Carreon’s practice and they have literally raved about how well they were treated by the entire staff & the overall experience.